WHY Solar?

We offer products, solutions, and services across the entire energy value chain. We support our customers on their way to a more sustainable future.

Why Choose AnO Tech ?

AnO Tech believes in doing its part to preserve nature and protect the planet from the harmful effects of climate change. We also make a difference on the environment by implementing clean energy technologies and promoting social responsibility.

If you are new to using solar energy in powering your home or business, AnO Tech can walk you through everything you need to know including installation, monitoring, and maintenance.
We also excel in offering an energy audit. It is an inspection and analysis conducted in a residential or business area to determine its energy efficiency. A home or business energy assessment helps our customers understand their energy use, production efficiency, comfort, and safety. The whole process will identify the systems and areas of opportunity that will provide the best impact in improving your energy efficiency.

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Success Stories

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“I've had [Ross Solar [AnO Tech]] system for [over] 2 years, and it has run without interruption for the whole time. It has generated about 15-18% more power than projected, and my electricity bills have dropped significantly, probably 80% or more. I've recommended AnO Tech to several people and I will continue to. The process was great all around.”
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AnO Tech has been absolutely the best to work with. Their attention to detail and customer support was amazing!!
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“We have been very pleased with the work that AnO Tech did for us and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in a solar installation. I feel very good that we are making a difference that is good for the planet even more than the fact that it is saving us money.
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Our Installation and purchase with AnO Tech was excellent. I recommend them to all my friends. They are knowledgeable and informative. They answered all our questions.
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“It’s been a really good experience, It’s nice to have an energy specialist who is knowledgeable and always available if we have questions or need help with anything.”
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Save Money, Save Environment!

Over the years, electricity costs continue to rise in every region, as oil and gas prices continue to soar. This is one of the primary reasons homeowners and businesses opt for solar energy. Installation is cost-efficient, plus, it helps in reducing your electricity bill since solar panels can run your home appliances, ventilation and lighting, water filtration system, and plumbing systems
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